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Training - Barking

Ending Your Barking Problem

Dog barking is a problem for many dog owners each year, and dealing with it can be a timely but rewarding affair. This problem has been around for some time, and there is no fast way to get rid of it. If the dog has been barking over a long period of time, then, to get rid of the problem, long work may be the order of the day. Before beginning the retraining procedure, bear in mind that all dog training should be carried out in a positive and patient manner. This way of training dogs has been pursued with great success for years and is worth keeping at the front of your thoughts. Keeping calm and never raising your voice towards your pet when he/she barks is crucial. It is important that everybody entering your house acts likewise, otherwise the barking problem likely won't stop. Finding the root of your dog's barking problem means observing when and why he/she is barking. This can be done through means of deduction: if, while outside, your dog is barking at passers by or vehicles, then bring him in. If he continues to bark there, try closing the curtains or taking him into another room. Doing these things will help you to deduce what is causing him/her to bark. Timing is also important to end your dog’s barking problem. For instance, your dog might cease his/her barking while in a secluded area. At this point you should give your dog a treat so that he can make the connection between the behavior and the treat. Shouting at the dog when it barks will only cause the dog to carry on further with the racket. Bearing in mind what was said above, your dog may be barking simply to be around you. Therefore, encouraging such behavior will only make him worse. As he makes the connection between his rewards and the act of being silent, he will start to improve, step by step over time. However, your dog might be causing a racket due to some fear or phobia. When this is the case, you need to allow him to become familiar with what he fears, and to let him or her see that the item isn't harmful. As the condition improves, remember to give him or her rewards. The item of fear should be taken away from the site and then gradually reintroduced to the animal. Before all this can be done, the item must be correctly identified though. The problem may also be that your dog starts to bark when he sees other dogs. This problem can also be halted. To do this, similarly separate your dog from the view of the other animal until the barking stops, and then give him treats as you reintroduce the other dog as long as he isn’t barking. If this process is maintained, the dog will make the connection that when he stops barking he gets a reward, and that when he starts barking, this reward is removed. Always remember that training your pet's behavior in regards to dog barking is a process that requires time. Be patient and your dog will become the kind that listens to you and obeys you as the master.