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ROAD TRIP! Motor Homing with Your Yorkie


It's time to go on a road trip with the family. Stock your motor home with all the food and beverages needed. Bring your dog's leash, dishes and box full of treats. Have you done everything you need? When you are traveling with your family in a motor home along with your yorkie, you have to remember that it is not your dog's home. Your yorkie may be totally unfamiliar with it and could get uncomfortable inside. It is your responsibility to keep your yorkie safe and comfortable during the trip. Your pup should have been crate trained. This could ensure your dog's safety during the trip and of course, give you and your dog less problems. This could help him be comfortable the whole trip. You can just go for stops whenever the dog needs to use the bathroom. Before going on a trip you should have long crate trained your dog to avoid issues and problems with having your dog stay in a crate. When you are going for a stop, just open the door of the crate and allow your dog to take a walk. Let him find its own place to eliminate. When you can't use a crate because of its unavailability or your yorkie is not crate trained yet, you can secure your dog with a seatbelt to keep him safe during the trip. There are seatbelt available for dogs that you can get in the pet stores or even on the Internet. They can be hooked on the car or motor home seat but still allow your dog to take a look at the scenery outside the vehicle. This could also allow the dog to sit, lie down, or stand if he wishes. This will most importantly keep your dog confined in any case of sudden stops or accidents and protect him from getting injured. Give your yorkie fresh water to drink too. It is also important to keep your dog hydrated. Consider filling a water jug or water bottles with water from home. This is the water your yorkie is used to drinking. This simple idea can make your sweet pet more comfortable on the road trip. Hint: There are also foldable bowls that take up less space.  Another tip is to purchase a chew bone. Avoid a chewing item that begins to smell after it's chewed, like a pig's ear. I would suggest a nyla bone. Dogs could have difficulty in prolonged trips especially if they have travel anxieties. Allowing them to look out through the window could be a great help. It is important that you give your yorkie enough attention to give him comfort and be able to travel with you without causing you any trouble.Once you arrive at your destination, survey your campsite for poisonous plants and old food debris. Also look for anything sharp that may cut your yorkie's feet. If you have a play yard or exercise pen, place it in a shaded, supervised area. Make sure you add water. If you leave food, watch out for ants. These little pests can hurt your yorkie. My suggestion is to feed small meals several times a day. This way you can monitor the food eaten and avoid ants. Monitoring food is important. Some yorkies can be nervous and avoid eating. The result could be hypoglycemia, low blood sugar. Make sure you take some Nutra-Cal or honey which can be used if your yorkie becomes shaky. Read up on hypoglycemia or talk to your vet. Have fun on your road trip! Remember to snap pictures of your trip and send them to me at pam@diamondyorkies.com