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Traveling with Yorkies


teacup yorkie, Texas yorkies
Traveling with Yorkies
By Pamela Edge

teacup yorkie, Texas yorkies

Whether you travel by boat, RV, big rigs, or car, it's always a treat to have your best friend traveling with you. As RV travelers, we want everyone to own a puppy. Not just any puppy...but a puppy that has been acclimated to the traveling environment. The puppy should be taken home in its own travelling kennel which should be strapped into the safety belts of your vehicle.

A sudden stop can send a tiny puppy flying into the windshield, which could cause serious injury and even death. When the puppy reaches maturity, it may be large enough to be able to use a safety harness, which attaches to your safety belt and can be purchased at many pet supply stores.

The dog may object at first, but it will become accustomed to this method of transportation quickly. Try to maintain your puppy's normal exercise or activity level. They will sleep better at night and be more relaxed travelers during the day.

Suggested Items for Traveling with Your Puppy Companion

* Prescription and over-the-counter medications; pet first aid kit; NutraCal
* Medical and shot records, & rabies certificate (some places need-license and registration)
* Phone numbers of lost pet services, photo of pet.
* Treats, food, water, bowls, can opener.
* Pooper scooper bags
*Leash, extra collar, long lead, exercise pen, crate.
* Shampoo, grooming tools
* If dog is trained to “wee wee pads”, remember the pad holder and pads.
*Flea and tick spray.
* Lint and hairbrush
* Pet bed or blanket, toys.
* Sweater and dog boots, if needed

HINT: Tackle boxes and canvas tote bags can be used to make packing your pet items more convenient.

teacup yorkies, Texas yorkie